Tuesday, December 9, 2014

2014: saddest moment

Birding WalkAbout on Ten Mile Creek Greenway. 
Rikki in the middle with co-leader Janet McKnight.

2014: The Best & Worst This is the time of the year when writers coast. They dream up their totally subjective best and worse lists for the year that's rapidly coming to a close. Why? So they can focus on the important things...the holidays. So with that in mind:

Here we get serious. This falls under the worse moments of 2014. If longevity on this Earth was determined by goodness, than Rikki Hall should have lived 175 years. But it doesn't work that way. Sometimes really good guys die young. It's not fair. Never is. Never will be. In March, we lost Rikki.

Hellbender Press, May/June 2006
I once wrote a regular column called the "Backporch Naturalist" for the Hellbender Press. Rikki was my editor and friend. 

As my editor, he'd say things like, "Why don't you write about roadkill?" or "How about a pro cowbird column?" or "How about a sympathetic column about starlings?" 

I just loved it when he issued such challenges. It gave me something to think about. Rikki was amiable and quick friendly, but his mind was always churning. Writing for him, I'd always try to include a bit of humor, just to make him laugh. He loved to laugh.

Rikki also led many bug and bird walks for us at Ijams. Here's a tribute I wrote the week after he passed: Ijams tribute.

Rikki, miss your smile and your boundless curiosity.

Damn. Damn. Damn. Not fair. 

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