Friday, December 26, 2014

2014: favorite retro moment

2014: The Best & Worst This is the time of the year when writers coast. They dream up their totally subjective best and worse lists for the year that's rapidly coming to a close. Why? So they can focus on the important things...the holidays. So with that in mind:

Maybe...we need a little Disco.

Bad news. Bad news. Bad news. Cuban missile crisis. The JFK assassination. Vietnam War. Protests in the streets. RFK assassination. MLK assassination. More protests in the streets. Watergate. President forced to resign. Disco came at the end of years of bad, troubling news. The nation simply wanted to party and forget it all. Pretty much as soon as President Nixon resigned and waved goodbye from the White House lawn, the disco ball began to sparkle.

Late last summer, after months of bad news—I won't do a laundry list, you know it as well as I—it was time to escape for awhile. The answer was two or three nights of Jive Talkin, Boogie Nights, Boogie Oogie Oogie, Disco Inferno and the most wonderful Donna Summer.

Did you know that the original LP version of "Love to Love You Baby" is over 16 minutes long?

Best tonic. Best mindless escape. Best retro moment of the year.

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