Saturday, December 20, 2014

2014: most manly wild discovery

2014: The Best & Worst This is the time of the year when writers coast. They dream up their totally subjective best and worse lists for the year that's rapidly coming to a close. Why? So they can focus on the important things...the holidays. So with that in mind:

We know Old Spice. It's the scent of grandfather. Or the fragrance seamen splashed on when they came back to port. But how long had they been on the ship?

Neither seems that appealing.

But this year I discovered the same venerable brand has come up with a collection of scents for naturalists. Outdoorsy guys. The Old Spice Wild Collection with even wilder names: HAWKRIDGE, LIONPRIDE, FOXCREST, WOLFTHORN, and the hard to comprehend, BEARGLOVE. (They seem to prefer all caps, as if the name is shouted. Manly.)

I'm from the Great Smokies, never saw a bear wearing gloves, but I'm fine if they so attire, just don't put track shoes on them. 

And body wash? Or "nettoyant pour le corps" for those roughed French Canadians. I thought men just used sandpaper or steel wool. But, you know, out in the woods, a guy wants to fit in. I've tried them all, haven't really noticed a change in how I am perceived or camouflaged. Lions do not follow me. Not seen a wolf at the door, a fox on the run.

Today, I answered "the smell of the wild with Old Spice HAWKRIDGE." I was going to feed the hawk. It seemed a no-brainer. She didn't seem to mind or object or want to go out for coffee. Just so you know: The hawk herself doesn't seem to even have a scent. But, did she hawkeye me a bit differently?

Have I been sucker punched by a bear wearing gloves?    

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