William Hastie Natural Area: August Wildflowers

Wildflowers Seen on August 11, 2011 Walk and Others

As the ground dries in late summer other wildflowers begin to show. They must have deeper roots as many species have their leaved dried up which makes these easier to find.
But it’s not really late summer as the goldenrods in the woods have not started to bloom. It won’t be until fall when the asters and gentia begin to bloom.

Page references are to Carman’s Wildflowers of Tennessee

Common Name                                                  Scientific Name, Most Likely               Carman
Sinkhole Trail 
Selfheal, Heal All                                                Prunella vulgaris                                  p. 224
Thimbleweed w/seed                                          Anemone virginiana                              p. 33
Naked-Flowered Tick Trefoil (pink)                   Desmodium nudiflorum                        p. 133
Solomon’s Seal w/seeds                                      Polygonatum biflorum                          p. 366
Solomon’s Plume w/seeds                                   Smilacina racemosa                             p. 367
Tick Treefoil (white)
Woodland Agrimony                                           Agrimony striata                                   p. 115
Spotted Wintergreen w/seeds                               Chimaphilia maculate                          p. 97
Cranefly Orchid                                                   Tipularia discolor                                 p. 408
Downy Rattlesnake Plantain                                Goodyera pubescens                            p. 395
Greenbriar, Common                                            Smilax rotundifolia                               p. 383
Comfrey, Wild w/seeds                                        Cynoglossum virginianum                    p. 210
Sedge,                                                                   Carex                                                    p. 344
Potato Vine, Wild                                                Ipomoea pandurata                               p. 201

View Trail
Downy False Foxglove
Jumpseed, Virginia Knotweed                            Polygonum virginianum                         p. 61
Bear’s foot (Yellow Leafcup)                             Smallanthus uvedalius
Woodland Sunflower
Yellow tickseed
Flowering Spurge                                                Euphorbia corollata                               p. 158
Little brown jugs                                                 Hexastylis arifolia                                   p. 28
Ironweed                                                             Vernonia                                                 p. 334
White crownbeard, Tickweed                             Verbesina virginica                       Horn: p. 385
Or White Crownbeard, Frostweed                                                                         p. 333
Yellow Crownbeard                                            Verbesina occidentalis                           p. 333

Pond Area, Margaret Lane
Monkey flower, sharp winged                           Mimulus alatus                                        p. 243
Partridge pea                                                      Chamaecrista fasciculate                        p.129
Prairie Mimosa w/seeds                                     Desmanthus illinoensis                            p. 132
Lespedeza, Bicolor                                            Lespedeza bicolor                                    p. 135
Queen Anne’s Lace                                           Daucus carota                                         p. 176
Yellow Wood Sorrel                                          Oxalis                                                      p. 169
Spotted St. Johnswort                                         Hypericum punctatum                            p. 66
Ground Cherry                                                   Physalis                                                   p. 197
Chicory                                                               Cichoruim                                               p. 283           
Jewelweed, Spotted Touch-Me-Not                   Impatiens capensis                                   p. 171
Pale Touch-Me-Not                                            Impatiens pallida                          Horn: p. 206
Kudsu                                                                  Pueraria lobata                                       p. 138
Ragweed, Common                                             Ambrosia atemisiifolia                            p. 273
Dog fennel
Leafy Elephant Foot                                             Elephantopus carolinianus                    p. 292
Mist Flower                                                          Concolinium coelestinum                       p. 286
Cattail                                                                   Typha latifolia
Elderberry                        flat bract                       Sambuscus Canadensis                         p. 268
Colicroot, White Stargrass                                    Aletris farinose                                      p. 352           
Indian tobacco                                                      Lobelia inflate                                       p. 257
Thoroughwort                        flat bract                 Eupatorium                                           p.297

Not Found
Horseweed                        pointed bracts              Conyza Canadensis                          Horn  p. 335