Wildflowers of William Hastie Natural Area


William Hastie Natural Area
Wildflowers Seen on April 23, 2011 on Ijams Walkabout

Report by Bob and Lynne Davis, walk leaders

The woodland floor covered by blue phlox was still there but crowded by the green leaves of many varieties that weren’t there two weeks ago or on April 17, 2010. Same was true for the slope covered with foamflower. Here's our list:

Common Name                                                Scientific Name, Most Likely

Daisy fleabane                                                  Erigeron annuus
Trifoliate orange shrub (leaves only)               exotic w/ long thorns
Sweet cicely or Sweet Anise                            Osmorhiza claytonia or longstylis
Yellow trillium                                                 Trillium luteum
*Carrion flower                                                Smilax ecirrata
Blue phlox                                                        Phlox divaricata
Yellow trout lily (yellowed leaves only)          Erythronium americana
Cut-leaf toothwort (yellow leaves only)           Dentaria laciniata
Mayapple                                                          Podophyllum peltatum
Foamflower                                                      Tiarella cordifolia
*Southern stoneseed                                         Lithospermum tuberosum
Cross Vine                                                        Bignonia capreolata
*Cumberland spurge                                         Euphorbia mercurialina
Wild oats                                                           Uvularia sessifolia
Air potato vine (leaves & vine only)                 Dioscorea bulbifera                 
Dwarf cinquefoil or                                          Potentilla Canadensis or
Indian strawberry                                      Duchesnea indica
Solomon’s plume                                              Smilacina racemosa
Smooth Solomon’s Seal                                    Polygonatum biflorum
Eastern Blue-eyed grass                                    Sisyrinchium atlanticum
Downy rattlesnake plantain (leaves only)        Goodyera pubrndcens
Cranefly orchid (leaf only)                               Tipilaria discolor
Poison ivy (leaves & buds only)                       Toxicodendron radians
Virginia creeper (leaves only)                           Parthenocissus quinquefolia       
Violet wood sorrel                                             Oxalis violacea
Wild geranium                                                   Geranium maculatum
Little brown jug                                                 Hexastylis arifolia
Round-lobed hepatica (leaves only)                  Hepatica americana
Hooked butterup                                                Ranuculus recurvatus
Bloodroot (leaves only)                                     Sanguinaria Canadensis
Chickweed                                                         Stellaria pubers
Common blue violet                                          Viola sororia
Wood violet (flower streaked w/white)             Viola palmate
Spotted wintergreen (leaves only)                     Chimaphila maculate
Mountain stonecrop                                           Sedum ternatum
Blackberry                                                         Rubus argutus
Kudzu (leaves only)                                           Pueraria lobata  non-native invasive
Smooth vetch                                                     Vicia villosa
Lyre-leaf sage                                                    Salvia lyrata
Squawroot                                                         Conopholis americana
Jack-in-the-pulpit                                              Arisaema triphyllum
Anemone (leaves only)
Oregon grape bush (leaves and seeds only)      Mahonia aquifolium
Privet (leaves and seeds)                                   Ligustrum ovalifolium  non-native invasive
Honeysuckle bush (amur honeysuckle)             Lonicera maackii    non-native invasive                         
Japanese honeysuckle vine                                Lonicera japonica   non-native invasive
Common Field daisy (leaves only)
Grape vine (vine only)
Day lily (leaves only)

* first time we’ve ever seen these
 And some one or two sedges, a few grasses and several mosses (not identified)

There will be a dozen or more flowers to be seen in August or September before the first frost: Gentiana, Asters, etc.