Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Top Ten of 2013...#14 Asses

It's that time of the year. Time for all the Top Ten lists. Many produce them and guess what, they're utterly subjective filler. Something to plug into the space so that the writer can take time off to finish his/her holiday errands.

One cable channel actually produced a Top Ten Crimes & Trials of 2013. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Shouldn't we consider the victim's families? And give it a respectful rest.

So here are My Top Ten Favorite Things of the past year. Some have been around awhile, but I generally discover things later than most. I'm going to dribble them out one day at a time, many are completely frivolous because remember: they're filler so that I can do Christmas things.

 More year-end frivolous filler. Top Ten Honorable Mention

My Favorite Parking Lot Moment of 2013. This is number 11 in my Top Ten, but since it's only frivolous filler, bare with me. 

Walking across a crowded parking lot is always an adventure, especially if you have a white car and 50 percent of all cars parked there are also white.

Exasperated, I spotted the above family decal and thought, "How odd, even unfortunate. Their name is Ass. How do you live with that?"

I then thought of the group of animals know as the wild asses. You know..."Asinus, a subgenus of Equus (single-toed, (hooved) grazing animals) that encompasses several subspecies of Equidae commonly known as asses, characterized by long ears, a lean, straight-backed build, lack of a true withers, a coarse mane and tail, and a reputation for considerable toughness and endurance." (from wiki)

Noble animals often used as beasts of burden. Noble. So let's just think of this family in the best terms.

Then I read the back of the SUV from Florida further, and got the joke. Didn't realize it was a joke. Got me! But laughed out loud.

And you know, now that I think about it, I lack true withers as well.

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