Friday, December 6, 2013

shadows of nightfall deepening

Downtown Knoxville and Tennessee River at sunset from South Knox Bridge

"Something to eke out a minute additional—
—shadows of nightfall deepening"

As Walt Whitman penned in Leaves of Grass.
It doesn't take much
to make one pause and eke out
an additional minute from a dying day,
the last drop from the cup.

To dally, to lollygag,
often it's the sunset o'er your city,
this day on a bridge overlooking a river.
Yes, sometimes the woodsy ones 
live near a city and its people.

Back to Whitman's Leaves:
"Once I pass'd through a populous city 
imprinting my brain
for future use with its shows"

"shadows of nightfall deepening"

Only Whitman could write
such a perfectly beautiful line
using only four words.

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