Saturday, October 29, 2016

thank you Wild Birds!

Thank you to all who attended my "Secrets of Backyard Birds" talk this afternoon at Wild Birds Unlimited, 7240 Kingston Pike, Suite 164.

And thank you, Liz & Tony, Tiffiny & Warren for inviting me!

I look forward to visiting Wild Birds U because I always find something I want to try for my own backyard birds. They depend on me, as your birds do you. To get ready for the upcoming cold weather, I bought a roosting box. Inside are multiple perches for my wrens, titmice, chickadees and bluebirds to huddle together and stay warm on cold winter nights. Tiffiny calls it canoodling, click: wrens. I've already put my new bird bungalow on my front porch where the Carolina wrens like to hang out in winter. (I am assuming that we do have some cold winter nights in our future.)

And in addition to seed and suet feeders, don't forget a heated birdbath for the winter. On very cold days when the water is frozen everywhere else, your birds will use it as a gathering place and spa. Très chic.

Secrets of Backyard Birds #1: Female cardinals are intensely aggressive in defending their territory and mates. Would you mess with her? She's got panache!

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