Friday, May 20, 2016


Cornsnake (Pantherophis guttatus)
Do you have an unusual fear of snakes? Then my program at Ijams this Sunday might help you get over your ophidiophobia. Pronounced: Oh-fid-E-Oh-phobia (long O, long E, long O) i.e. the fear of serpents. Here's the Ijams description of the program: 

Sunday, May 22, 2 p.m. 
Snake-ology 101 at Ijams

So, do you really have a fear of snakes? Well, let's get over it. They are more afraid of you than vice versa. Join Ijams naturalist Stephen Lyn Bales for this fun and lighthearted look at 12 of the common snakes species that live in East Tennessee. The "-ology" programs are great for families and the young-at-heart. We will even get to meet a couple of the scaly residents of Ijams. If you’ve been to our -ology programs before, you know there will be some fun, snake-themed food. Feel free to bring something to share, or just come partake in our scaly snacks! The fee for this program is $5 for Ijams members and $8 for non-members $8 (Children under 3 are free). Space is limited; to register call (865) 577-4717, ext. 110.

Here's the WBIR story, click: Live@5@4

Gray Ratsnake (Pantherophis spiloides)

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