Saturday, May 7, 2016

a nest for a song

Hidden in plain sight. Can you see her on the nest?

Song sparrows often go overlooked because they are common and, after all, just streaky little brown birds. But they are wonderful singers, even joyful. And they hide their nests in plain sight.

But sometimes being plain has its advantages.  

 "Song Sparrow pairs search for nest sites together. Nest sites are usually hidden in grasses or weeds, sometimes placed on the ground and occasionally as high as 15 feet; often near water. Not afraid of human habitation, Song Sparrows may nest close to houses, in flower beds."

"The female builds the nest, working mainly during the morning. It’s a simple, sturdy cup made of loose grasses, weeds and bark on the outsides, then lined more tidily with grasses, rootlets, and animal hair. Construction takes about four days. The finished nest is 4-8 inches across," says the Cornell Lab of Ornithology website.

And true, the song sparrow nest above is in weeds, very close to the ground, near flower beds and she's not afraid to be near human habitation.

Let's hope all goes well.

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