Monday, April 18, 2016

Sharp's Ridge 2

Huh? What? Shouldn't it be?

Where are they?

Again, Ellie and I went to Sharp's Ridge Memorial Park this morning before her first class at UT. And it's the week of finals, so she didn't have much time, and again: Where are the migrants?

Are they stuck at a Stuckey's in Georgia on Route 23? (Parenthetical information: Actually, pecan-based Stuckey's began in the 1930s on Route 23 in Eastman, Georgia.)

Shouldn't the neotropicals be here by now? Well, I would think so, but not yet, apparently. We found/heard the same birds as last week but fewer winters. Ellie located another yellow-rump in breeding plumage, and surprisingly we met yet another man who had had his car attacked by a hormonal pine warbler.

But, we did not find the big kahunas of spring migrants: no Blackburnians, no redstarts, no veerys, passing through the valley.


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Robin Barrow Nichols said...

I was there yesterday morning 7:30-8:30 and it was good. Blackburnians, Orange-crowned, Worm-eating, Tennessee, Nashville, Black-throated Green, and so on. And lots of Myrtles, of course.