Monday, April 25, 2016

Sharp's Ridge 3

Palm warbler. Photo by D. Gordon E. Robertson: Wiki media.

Bette Davis-eyed Ellie
Our third trip to Sharp's Ridge Memorial Park yesterday morning before I went to work at the nature center proved to be a little more migrantful. (Made up word. Don't look it up.)

Rachael Eliot and/or I saw/heard broadwing hawk, scarlet tanager, blue-headed vireo, and several warblers: pine, yellow-rumped, black-and-white, blue wing and palm (a lifer for Ellie). Despite its tropical name, the palm warbler breeds far to the north "in bogs, open boreal coniferous forest, and partly open situations with scattered trees and heavy undergrowth, usually near water." *

We encountered Shane Williams again who was a huge help to our spotting. He has an excellent ear for birds. In addition to our list, he also tallied a hard to find cerulean warbler and a yellow-throated vireo.

Thanks, Shane! Thanks, Robin!

* Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Ellie at the J.B. Owen Overlook

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