Friday, March 4, 2016

welcomed guests

Drs. Greenacre, Hooimeijer and Pepperberg

Ijams welcomed Dr. Irene Pepperberg DVM and Dr. Jan Hooimeijer DVM, guests of UT's Dr. Cheryl Greenacre DVM. 

Pepperberg and Hooimeijer were in town to take part in an Avian Behavior Workshop particularly for people who own parrots. Both are noted for their work with the birds in captivity.

Dr. Pepperberg, associate research professor at Brandeis University in Massachusetts and teacher of animal cognition at Harvard, is also respected for her highly acclaimed book "Alex & Me,"  about her experience with her own pet African grey parrot.

Dr. Hooimeijer is something of a "parrot whisperer." He is the owner of an avian clinic in Meppel, Netherlands and the founder and president of the Society of Parrot. He is also the founder of the Dutch Parrot Walks, the inspiration for the Foundation's Parrot Promenade, stressing the importance of the development of a strong social relationship between parrots and people.

After the Friday and Saturday workshops, I gave them a tour of the nature center including a walk along the River Trail on a chilly Sunday. 

Thank you, Dr. Greenacre, who oversees the health and well-being of the captive animals at the nature center. 


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