Monday, March 28, 2016

10th trip to Panther Nation

Last Monday, I paid a visit to Will Roberts' AP Environmental Science class at Powell High School, a.k.a. Panther Nation. It has become a biannual tradition.

This is Roberts biggest class ever: 31 students! We talked about conservation, urban wildlife, book writing and my job at Ijams Nature Center. Each student had been assigned to read a portion of one of my two books: Natural Histories or Ghost Birds and ask questions about what they had read.

Topics we visited included nature journaling, bald eagles, opossums, wild turkeys, red pandas, the importance of journalism, my favorite places in the Great Smokies and my favorite topic in my first book: periodical cicadas, including the time we ate deep-fried cicadas on live TV. But that's show business.

Best of luck to all of you! Thanks, Will.

The beautiful blue bodied periodical cicada with golden wings and red eyes. Delicious when deep-fried. Photo by David M. Stone.
For more about the periodical cicada, 

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