Monday, August 6, 2012

sunshine part 2

I cannot help myself: one additional look at the sun. Well, it's a quick look, we do not want to burn our retinas.

Last time, I reported the temperature on the surface of the Sun. 

Deep inside, in the Sun's core, the temperature goes up to 27,000,000º Fahrenheit—that's habañero hot. Here, the plasma is six times denser than gold. Under this tremendous heat and pressure, hydrogen atoms are fused together to produce helium atoms. As a byproduct, photons are released and it takes over 100,000 years for them to bounce through the densely packed matter like an arcade pinball and work their way to the surface, yet only eight minutes for these wayward photons to reach us in the form of sunshine.

Wow. And again, this happens a gazillion times, each and every day. If you need to look to the heavens for miracles, here's the first and most obvious.

Here's another bit of John Murphy music from the Danny Boyle movie: Sunshine.

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Marie said...

Such interesting facts about the sun...again so great a miracle! I have enjoyed reading about it in these two posts and seeing these wonderful shots of its surface. So apropos for these hot summer days, certainly! :-)