Friday, August 10, 2012

one sip too many

Filmy angelica is a robust wildflower that grows at the high elevations of the Great Smoky Mountains. (The photo was taken at Indian Gap.) Although angelicas are in the culinary herb parsley family, by contrast, they are dangerously poisonous. Despite the angelic name, they do not belong anywhere near your kitchen.

Bees and wasps apparently become intoxicated after feeding on the toxic flowers. It is reported in “Wildflowers of the Smokies” that they have been observed behaving crazily after a visit to angelica.

We didn’t hang around long enough to notice any odd insect behavior because could there be anything more agitating or agitated than a drunk bee? Or, in this case, a drunken wasp?

Don't worry about the little drunkards finding their way home. I've heard they can become so drunk, the inebriated insects spend the night clinging to the flower.

Could this be the origin of the term “getting a buzz on”?


Anonymous said...

Great writing. Very informative in a humorous style. Like it very much!!

Marie said...

Too funny! :-)