Wednesday, August 22, 2012

albino hawk?

My friend and Ijams volunteer Cathy Nipper sent me this remarkable photo.

She writes, "I was visiting my family in Mt. Juliet, TN when my brother called to tell me that a hawk was in his neighbor's yard. They believe it had a run-in with the power line, and I took this photograph after it had flown into a nearby tree. I was not exactly sure what species of bird it might be, but it was suggested to me that it could be an albino red-tailed hawk. I wanted to send it to you to see what you might think."

Red-tails are more common, but something about the placement of spots on the chest and throat and hints of blush color suggest to me that in may be an albino red-shouldered. 

Go here: red-shouldered

Thanks, for sharing Cathy!

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Marie said...

What an amazing bird! I wonder, too, if he is an albino!