Friday, August 24, 2012

constantly being amazed


"Our goal should be to live life 
in radical amazement, 
to look at the world in a way that takes 
nothing for granted. 
Everything is phenomenal; everything is incredible; 
to be spiritual is to be constantly amazed."

- Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel


Dorothy said...

Wonderful picture and quote!!!
(oh, how I wish you didn't have the word verification turned on! It's a pain.)

Anonymous said...

Hope you are doing well after your surgery. Just read about it on FB. Sounds like you had a sudden event, or perhaps a timely warning and now you are all fixed up. Modern Science. Gotta Love It.
Mary Anne Rudolph
Cosby TN

Patricia Lichen said...


Anonymous said...

Wishing you all the best and looking forward to another inspiring nature program...Ivonne

Marie said...

Dear Friend,

This is a lovely photo. It represents the beauty that is there for all of us to treasure. Your words are so meaningful. I too am just learning about your recent event and was so sorry to hear that you had a scare....and so grateful that it was caught quickly and that you are resting and recuperating! God be with you through this time! Get well soon! All my best--


PS Dorothy's mention of getting rid of the word verification is something my circle of blogger friends have been trying to get everyone to do. It is a bit annoying to deal with, and if you chose to get rid of it, trust me, I think you will have more comments, and also shouldn't have any problems as a result. Sometimes it's just so hard to figure out what it says! :-)