Tuesday, August 14, 2012

heroic weaver

O, the work that goes into one of these! It's heroic. 

Micrathena, perhaps M. sagittata, the arrow-shaped micrathena, is a woodland orb-weaver; and by the tightness of the warp and weft, she's a specialist. 

My grandmother Pearl, who knew her way around a loom, would have been envious of her

The name comes from the prefix
Micro- meaning "small" and Athena, the Greek goddess of heroic endeavour who wore armor and was also a superb weaver.  Perfect moniker.

Micrathena sagittata


Dorothy said...

Beautiful! I think this is the most perfect and tightly woven web I've ever seen! I hope to get to photograph a really good one someday.

Constant Stroller said...

Thanks for sharing these unusually beautiful pictures!

Constant Stroller said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures. Love your blog as always!

Marie said...

This spider is the maestro of the web-spinning world! Beautiful!