Sunday, March 12, 2017

kestrel visits WBU

Spitfire, the Ijams adopted American kestrel with the very injured left wing, made a special guest appearance yesterday afternoon at Wild Birds Unlimited

She was accompanied by the nature center's senior naturalist she kept tethered to her leg so that he would behave. The smallest bird of prey found in the Tennessee Valley was part of a program about secondary cavity nesters, or birds that will use a nest box.

Only weighing roughly four ounces, kestrels are petite falcons that prey on mice in the winter and large meadow insects like grasshoppers in the summer.

Ijams has been doing outreach programs about nature and the environment since at least the 1970s. The senior naturalist has been with Ijams for 17 years, the longest period of time that he has been able to hold a job.

Wild Birds Unlimited, located in the Gallery Shopping Center at 7240 Kingston Pike, is the primary sponsor of the nature center's Wonder of Hummingbirds Festival.

Thank you to Liz, Tony, Tiffiny and Warren of Wild Birds. 

Supplied photos by Warren Hamlin.

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