Thursday, July 7, 2016

You go girl!


Congratulations, Starbuck! You slew the beast!

Rachael Eliot, you just finished Differential Equations, or “equations that involve derivatives of a function.” Don’t ask me, it’s advanced, advanced math that doesn’t use numbers but only Native American petroglyphs or Egyptian hieroglyphs, or something like that

This wraps up your sophomore year at UT. You be a junior now! You go girl!

To celebrate, we went to Forks of the River WMA to look for meadow birds: chats, blue grosbeaks, yellow-throats, indigo buntings and field sparrows. But the oceans and oceans of planted sunflowers overwhelmed our sensory inputs. We were bedazzled.

It was a day to be heady with golden achievement. 

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