Monday, September 8, 2014

but one tree

If you could have but one tree in your yard near your home, but one tree to look at through the window when you were ill, but one tree to sit beside when your life is grand or not so, what would that one tree be?

Speak now. What would your tree be?

For me, it would be a Southern magnolia, green and beautiful 365 days, season to season to season. Voluptuous fecund blossoms in the spring. Crimson seeds in the fall. And at this of the year, the leaves develop the most lovely cinnamon-colored patina.

Goodness. But one tree.

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Trendle Ellwood said...

I can see why you love the magnolia, my goodness when it blooms it is like heaven. I have never noticed its seedpods but now that you clue me in to how beautiful they must be I surely will look. Though in Ohio where I am the magnolia doesn't always get to bloom.

Sometimes late frosts steal the show of magnolias and peaches which seems so cruel and cold.

I don't have a magnolia in my yard but it is at the top of the list of trees that I want and right in front of my house is where it will be so that on the years that it does bloom I can be in heaven for a week or two. I even love them when their petals have all fallen to grace the ground and if anybody sweeps them up before they have lost their color I swear they don't have souls! The magnolia that you speak of are its blossoms pink?

Yet as much as I love magnolias there is a tree that I love still more. I have three of these trees on our plot but I would not have loved them so if I had just found them here.

These ones are growing where those of their kind don't usually grow because I planted them but the Eastern Hemlock became dear to my heart because they guard the places that I like to go when my heart seeks purity and peace. Down in to the hills where the rocks climb into formations, the creek beds are deep and the moss and the fern lead the way. There my hemlock stands in all her glory, gracefully trailing her arms, gowned with green lace, protectively over the waters. To me this tree is a spirit, it is a soul, but all trees really are. But if I could pick just one, I would pick the Eastern Hemlock. Thanks for asking, smile.