Monday, November 3, 2008


“It takes a certain slowness to see. Scurrying about, thinking of this and that, obscures the view. For only as the mind quiets can its view, both inner and out, deepen.”

-Stephen Altschuler “Sacred Paths and Muddy Places.” 1993.


BriteCloud said...

That must be why I have to turn the radio off when I'm driving to a new place. :)

Stephen Lyn Bales said...


Oh my gosh. Me too. I always have the radio in the car on, except if I'm driving somewhere in town new, looking for an address, a place I've never been before. I guess I have to focus my entire brain.

I hope all is well in Texas. Has your family recovered from the hurricane?

BriteCloud said...

Well, the recovery is just beginning. All of the kids' bedrooms and bathroom and the garage will have to be gutted down to the frame. Our insurance adjuster just got out to us last week. The contractor is coming tomorrow. Hopefully the ball will start rolling very, very soon!! Thanks for asking! :)


Stephen Lyn Bales said...

I'm sorry Rhonda. I'm sorry for your ordeal but am glad that somethings are starting to work themselves out.

My prayers to you.