Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015: most dang coolest nature story of the year (and it actually made it to TV)

Hardly bigger than the tips of my fingers, the jelly swims in a cup of water.

2015: The Best & Worst! This is the time of the year when writers coast. They dream up their totally subjective best and worse lists for the year that's rapidly coming to a close. Why? So they can focus on the important things...the holidays. So with that in mind:

For me, the coolest, most fascinating nature story of 2015 came in late August. 

It began when I received a phone call from WBIR-Channel 10 TV journalist Jim Matheny. He had questions about a bloom of freshwater jellyfish (Craspedacusta sowerbii) he had discovered in Mead's Quarry Lake @ Ijams the day before.

Yes, jellyfish that actually live in freshwater. But they have a two year life cycle and only appear as transparent medusas near the surface briefly in the heat of late summer.

That led us on a most excellent adventure in search the tiny jellies with Matheny's video camera in times quite literally in tow. AND, the appearance of the ephemeral jellies even made the local news.

For the complete story, click: Jim Matheny. 

And for the jellyfish goodbye party we had Labor Day weekend, click: adieu!

So long, 2015. Happy New Year!

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