Wednesday, September 12, 2012

ugly duckling?

"Den grimme ælling," the 1843 Danish story by Hans Christian Andersen about the ugly duckling that matures to be a beautiful swan, comes to mind.

Still at home recuperating, living life vicariously through others who get to be out and about.

My friend Gretchen Kirkland sent me this:

"Saw this caterpillar August 17 in the Smokies on Noland Divide Trail. Thought you might enjoy a view from the wild country. Glad you got to the widow maker in time. You'll be a new man, ready to run the hills of East Tennessee."

Gretchen knew it was the caterpillar of a Pandora sphinx moth (Eumorpha pandorus).

The beautiful swan

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Marie said...

It does become a lovely moth!