Friday, September 7, 2012

in remembrance of Greenleaf

Yes, give fools their gold and knaves their power!

For the rest of us, we'll settle for a little Whittier. With a middle name like Greenleaf, you have to know his heart was in the right place. Considered one of the American Fireside Poets—along with Longfellow, Bryant, Lowell and Holmes—John Greenleaf Whittier died on this date, 120 years ago today: 7 September 1892.

Highly regarded during his time and many years thereafter, Whittier was a Quaker and a passionate advocate of the abolition of slavery. 

- Photo composition sent to me by my friend Wayne Mallinger. 


Dorothy said...

I love the poetry written by the authors you mentioned!! I want to invite you to look at my blog and see the still pictures and video of me feeding the Hummingbirds out of my hand.
Counting My Blessings

Marie said...

You find such lovely quotes, and post such lovely photos as well. Glad you decided to check out Dorothy's hummers and post the video. She's a delightful blogger friend.