Tuesday, September 25, 2012

back in the world

Red-eyed and woozy, I start back to work, albeit slowly with some trepidation.

If you find yourself near the nature center, stop by and say "Hello. Glad to see that your heart is still beating." 

Now that the weather is cooling, the local box turtles will be looking for winter hidey-holes, under leaves and logs. For them it's time to find a safe place to spend the cold weather months, out of the way locations to pass the holidays: Super Bowl Sunday, Valentine's Day, Bathtub Party Day (December 5).

The eastern box turtle (Terrapene carolina carolina)—oh, what a lyrical Latin name—pictured above lives near my friend Wayne's house. The red eye indicates it's probably a male. Females generally have brown or yellow eyes. Reproduction season is over, the knowing smile indicates awareness of the long winter's nap ahead and satisfaction that his genetic material has been sown yet again.

We hold onto such memories long after the afterglow fades. 

- Photo by Wayne Mallinger.


ADRIAN said...

Good luck and don't over do it.

Dorothy said...

Hello! Glad you are able to go back to work, even if it's just for a little while.

Patricia Lichen said...

For crying out loud, man! I wander off for a few weeks and what happens here while I'm gone?!

Gracious, that's a scare--so glad you're doing all right. Wishing you continued healing, patience with the process, and plenty of good books to read.

Take care, my friend!

Marie said...

Yesterday, in the middle of looking at your blog, my computer, which had been giving me fits for a couple of days, just crashed! I made one comment, and then tried to get to my email to email you, and couldn't do anything. It has officially given up the cyber-ghost!

I just wanted to tell you how happy I am that you feel well enough to go back to work a little now. I agree with another commentor...please don't overdo it. But, I know you are happy to be back in your element!