Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dorothy's hummers

"When we see or experience 
any natural phenomenon, 
when we see a flower, a butterfly, a tree, 
[a hummingbird feeding], when we feel 
the evening breeze flow over us or wade in a stream 
of clear water, our natural response is immediate, 
intuitive, transforming, ecstatic. 
Everywhere we find ourselves invaded 
by the world of the sacred."

- Thomas Berry, Roman Catholic priest and cultural historian

Ruby-throated hummingbirds are passing through the Tennessee Valley on their way to their wintering grounds in Central and South America. They'll cross the Gulf of Mexico in a single flight proving that miracles can be small. (In this case, weighing only three grams.)

I've had several stop by my Rocky Top home, but nothing like my on-line friend Dorothy Pepper. Go to: feeding time. And make sure you watch the video!

- Top photo by Wayne Mallinger


Dorothy said...

Thank you so much, Stephen, for including the link to my blog! It was a rare treat for me to see them so close!
Today My sister, my husband and I went to the Strawberry Plains Hummingbird Festival north of Holly Springs, MS. (Pictures to be on a future blog post.) We were a little disappointed because we see lots more Hummers here than we saw there. We DID have fun, complete with a picnic lunch. I'll tell more about it on my blog.
Thanks again!

Marie said...

I am happy you posted the photo and the link also! The quote here is so moving and profound. I really loved reading it.