Sunday, November 29, 2015

Today at Ijams

Join us today at Ijams. Here's our creature feature schedule:

1 PM Meet a feisty American kestrel, 
the smallest bird of prey in the Tennessee Valley
If the female kestrel (4 oz.) weighed as much as a local female bald eagle (9+ lbs.) she would dismember me with nary a sigh, instead she simply eyes my outstretched finger.

2 PM Meet a bristly Chilean rose tarantula
and learn all about spiders.
Eight legs, eight eyes, two body parts and spinnerets, oh my.

3 PM Meet an impressive red-tailed hawk
with an injured wing that we care for at Ijams
Redtails are the largest true hawk found in the Tennessee Valley. 

Red-tailed hawk     Photo by Karen Claussen 

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