Tuesday, November 3, 2015

injured barred


The Ijams education department recently took in a non-rehabilitatable barred owl.

A short time ago, the young male was brought to UT Veterinary Teaching Hospital with injuries to both eyes. They were able to save the actual eyes but the poor bird is blind in one and only has partial vision in the other.

Dr. Louise Conrad
Luckily, Ijams had an empty enclosure and our part time veterinarian, Dr. Louise Conrad worked out his transfer to our care. Without that, it might have been euthanized.

In time, he'll make an excellent education animal, doing programs for hundreds of people and students.

Dr. Louise is in charge of the health and well being of all the animals we routinely use in our programs: snakes, turtles, birds, spiders, etc. etc.

To donate money for the care of the young barred owl or any of our animals at Ijams call Jennifer: (865) 577-4717. 

Beautiful eyes! But actually the new educational owl
only has partial vision in his left one. 

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