Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Leaving a mark on space-time

One hundred years ago today, Albert Einstein presented his theory of general relatively. And science and the world itself has never been the same. 

"Einstein showed that even though space and time can independently differ for different observers, the four-dimensional space-time reality is the same for everyone. This implies that events in space-time have a permanence to them that cannot be taken away. Once an event occurs, in essence it becomes part of the fabric of our universe. Every human life is a series of events, and this means that when we put them all together, each of us is creating our own, indelible mark on the universe. Perhaps if everyone understood that, we might all be a little more careful to make sure that the mark we leave is one that we are proud of," writes Jeffrey Bennett for CNN. 

Think about it. 

No. Actually take time to think about it. What do you want to leave behind to show your mark in space-time?

For the rest of Bennett's essay go to: Space-Time.

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