Friday, June 8, 2012

Venus if you will

Even if your life seems chaotic, out-of-control, out-of-tune, out-of-sync, out-of-sorts, out-of-mayonnaise, it is comforting to know that the universe has order and balance and things that would otherwise go unseen can be seen and precisely predicted.

Be in the right place, right time and voilà! The order of the universe presents itself.

What a sight.

Yes, we saw it! Sitting on a grassy slope at a local park with a little league baseball team going through their practice behind us, we watched for over an hour as the planet Venus passed between us and the Sun. (Thank goodness for solar filters or our eyes would look like Ol' Diz charcoal briquettes.)

Venus didn't seem intimidated at all by that monster ball of nuclear fire behind her, well, she is named in honor of the Goddess of Love, so she's used to a torrid companion.

But, passion keeps its own schedule. True affairs of the heart are much less predictable. 

The only thing that makes me uncomfortable is when I read "it's the last time I'll be able to see Venus in transit in my life."

Who knows how long I'll live? As time slips by, 8 December 2125 seems like a distinct possibility.

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Marie said...

Wow! Getting to see this rare phenomemon would have been so amazing! Glad you did! Love the photo! I love your positive attitude too.