Sunday, June 10, 2012


Being a seeker, you know that the mystery may be revealed in the smallest detail, so you look for it. "Behind every stone and leaf and unfound door," wrote Wolfe.

Take yesterday for instance, a workday and an old ailment had returned, so I limped like a plow-mule gone lame. 

Dispirited. Deflated. Ambulatory challenged. Hobbling along mournful, I was stopped by the beauty of the pink tears, a perfect display of native honeysuckle "sallying forth" 

Trumpet honeysuckle (a.k.a. coral honeysuckle) is ideally suited for its union with ruby-throated hummingbirds. It has showy nectar-rich carmine-to-coral pink flowers arranged in terminal clusters. The color is right, and the long, slender tubular flowers seem especially designed for the birds’ equally long bill and tongue. Plus the hummer is the only bird that can fly upside-down to reach the sweet stuff. This is a great example of a plant and bird partnership, each perfectly suited to the other. The hummers get nectar, the flowers gets their pollen dusted. And we all need that.

And, there it was before me: harmony. The order of the universe once again presents itself. 

What do the Zen Buddhist believe? Living each day on a path to heaven is the heaven.

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Marie said...

Thank you for this beautiful post....I really needed it. I have so many aches and pains now, and I face an eye surgery on Monday. I worry about the country; about the world we all hold so dear. It was nice to read this word of encouragement.