Sunday, June 24, 2012

one's own garden

"Il faut cultiver notre jardin."

Whether you translate Voltaire's famous phrase, "One must cultivate one's own garden," or, more metaphorically, "One must follow one's own passion," or, more neighborly, "One must tend to one's own affairs and leave one's own neighbors to tend to theirs," or, more personally, "One must take time off, away from one's everyday trials and tribulations," or, in the parlance of today, "Take a mental health day" and lazily pull some weeds that are cloaking one's own coreopsis, finding one's solace in one's own backyard. It's all still darn good advice, 253 years later. 

But did I use too many "one's"?

1 comment:

Patricia Lichen said...

Perhaps just one. ;o)