Tuesday, September 27, 2016

who's got your back?

She's a man-eater!

"If you're in it for love, you ain't gonna get too far, Oh-oh, here she comes. Watch out boy she'll chew you up. Oh-oh, here she comes. She's a mantid-eater," sang Hall & Oakes in 1982. 

Well, not quite, I inserted the word "mantid," but you get the idea. 

Praying mantises! This is their mating season and the large predator insects are looking for mates. If you have any single, unattached male mantids in your yard call me, perhaps I can play matchmaker. This one watching over me has been hanging around the Plaza Pond in front of the Ijams Visitor Center. 

But, keep in mind that the female often eats the male after they have coupled, so it may be a death sentence for him. (Studies have shown that she is less likely to consume her mate if she has recently eaten, so perhaps he needs to take her out to dinner before any amorous overtures are made.)

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