Saturday, January 16, 2016

Coooooold Lake thank you

Thanks to all who bundled and fleeced up to join me this morning to look for ducks, coots, grebes and mergansers on cold, cold, cold Cove Lake near Caryville. There were oodles of coots; a smidgen of everything else. Birding in January may seem daft but there's often a lot of very interesting migrants spending their winters in East Tennessee like the Teddy Bear chunky American coot pictured here. The coots proved to be amiable; the mergansers and gadwalls kept their distance.

Yet, all great fun.

And thanks to Deb and Joe for bringing the muffins. Deb for baking them and Joe for carrying them to the car.

Someone scored a cup of hot cocoa.
Deb's homemade muffins.

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