Thursday, January 7, 2016

2015: saddest moment

A little late with this one, but it's now been exactly six months. The saddest moment of last year and any of my years was Tuesday, July 7, the day my mother, Mary Helen Bales (a Latham at birth), died.

And we had the same nose
If you have a good father you're lucky; a great father, then you're blessed. But the bond with your Mom is something different. Perhaps it's the pain of childbirth you both shared that forms an unshakable natal memory deep in you both. 

Mom would say that "The pain of childbirth is the most severe you'll ever feel, but the quickest one forgotten." But the pain of losing her still lingers and I'm not sure it will ever be forgotten. The pain is still there, you just learn to stop talking about it.

She taught me to walk and talk and my love of birds. And in the end, what more did I need?

My tribute at the time: Mom 

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