Tuesday, February 24, 2015

snow monkeys?

Heated Birdbath

When the weather turns wintry, a must for your yard is a heated birdbath. It can be harder for your backyard birds to find water than food when the temperature doesn't climb above freezing for days. The water is only warmed enough not to freeze so it's not like Myrtle Beach. 

Perhaps, it's cabin fever but I keep looking out expecting to see Japanese macaque. The famous ones that bath in the hot springs near Nagano. The so called snow monkeys "live in areas where snow covers the ground for months each year – no other non-human primate is more northern-living, nor lives in a colder climate."

If our new Ice Age continues, I also expect to see a wholly mammoth pass the house on its way to Florida.

If I see either, it would be a lifer. I'll keep you posted.

Cabin fever is a funny thing.

You got any salsa in there?

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