Friday, February 20, 2015

can't beat a redhead

Call me old-fashioned, call me old-school, but you really can't beat a redhead. They're just so striking, real head-turners. 

Ooh là là! (In French, it actually means, "oh dear, oh my, oh no.")

Floating out in the middle of a pond, you cannot help but notice. Jason Dykes recently visited the Alcoa Duck Pond at Springbrook, and boom, there they were.

Redheads are diving ducks, not dabblers, that only migrate through East Tennessee, generally they do not stay long. Their breeding grounds are north and northwest. Not here.

When it comes to ducks, you really can't beat a redhead (Aythya americana). Although somewhat troubling, many (but not all) of the females have the tawdry habit of not building their own nests, choosing rather to lay their eggs in other ducks' nests forcing some to cry fowl. (Sorry. Been waiting 20 years to use that line.) I must assume that the redheads raised by non-redheads soon depart to seek out the company of other true redheads or how else would they know how to be redheads? I must assume. 

Redheads. They're not gadwalls, you simply cannot misidentify one, at least the males. Female redheads are trickier, more complicated. But isn't it always the way? 

Thanks, Jason.  

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