Saturday, July 12, 2014

sunflower fields forever

Ijams Hiking Club sunning it

Photo by Bari Gerbig
A warm, or should I say "hot summer sun," thank you to all who joined me today for the July hike of the month. 

Sun. Sun. Sun. Everywhere suns.

"Let me take you down...bum, bum, sunflower fields" Today, we explored trails (Dozer, Argus, Wyatt Way, Wild Briar, Auggie's Run, Will Skelton) at Forks of the River WMA and its five fields planted with sunflowers east of Ijams, all part of the Knoxville Urban Wilderness: South Loop.

The Ijams Hiking Club ventures forth the second Saturday of every month, so join us for informative camaraderie!

For those wanting a checklist of all the trails in the Knox Urban Wilderness click: gotta record it.

And thank you Eric Johnson for planning our route.

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