Monday, July 21, 2014

a sheep in wolf's clothing

Unmasking the truth about nature's monsters.

Last week's Super Full Moon brought out Max, the Southside Where?Wolf. He made a guest appearance at the Monster! Monster! Nature Day Camp at Ijams to kickoff the week.

For the first time ever, the second, third and fourth graders, got to interview a werewolf, an unfortunate monster. For 28 days, Max is a normal man, a mechanic who specializes in vintage MG repair. Then on the night of the 29th day — every full moon — he becomes a werewolf, which he likened to having a super bad temper tantrum. 

Max warned all the campers that learning to control their tempers was hard but they could do it, because you often hurt someone you love with your emotional outbursts. 

They also learned that Max's normal everyday life changed when he was bitten by another werewolf. There's a warning there as well. All wild animals can bite and you should never try to pick one up, especially RACCOONS even if they were very young. Always watch wild animals from a distance, give them their proper respect.

One of the young campers decided that Max must be lonely and that she could tame him, which she eventually did. 

Not everything in nature that seems like a monster, be it spider, snake, wolf, bat, hawk, crawdad, vulture or creepy, crawly millipede, is a monster. But these animals are not pernicious, they have their role in the natural world. Monster! Monster! Nature Day Camp is designed to separate the fact from the fiction and to have a little fun doing it.

- Photos by Jill Sublett and Katie Plank. Monster wrangler, Cam Basden 

And beauty tames the beast. The wolf man's tantrum is quailed with a soothing voice and calm demeanor. And the inner Max returns. 

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