Sunday, June 1, 2014


Polaroid made by Lance King

OK, Mr. Peabody. Let's hop into the Wayback Machine with Sherman and go back in time to one of my favorite decades: the 1960s. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da. (I'm also fond of the 1850s.)

Lance with his Polaroid Land Camera
Local photographer Lance King stopped by the nature center yesterday. Around his neck was a Polaroid Land Camera 100, a model of the instant camera made between 1963-1966.

Note: One guy holding a hawk, the other a 50-year-old camera, great conversation starters.

I soon learned that yes, Mr. Peabody, you can still buy Fuji film packs for the wondrous picture-taking machine invented by Edwin Land in 1948. Essentially, it's a camera with built-in darkroom.

Digital photography may have it's advantages—heck, I took this photo of Lance with my cell phone—but with a Polaroid, you wait a minute and peal back the paper and BAM, you have a print in your hand, slowly drying like a newly hatched chicken.

Oh, what fun!

Go here for a look at some of his other photos: Lance King.

Thanks, Lance. 

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