Friday, June 13, 2014

cigar tree

Just a couple of weeks ago catalpas were in bloom and now they're producing their long, long bean pods.

A storm passed through this afternoon knocking this branch from the tree. The long pods led to another curious folk name: Indian cigar tree.

Rumor has it that the bean pods can be dried and smoked like cigars, but rumor also has it that someone tried to steal Lincoln's body. No, wait a minute. That last thing did happen. Perhaps these things are smokable.

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Marie said...

I have missed you! Please forgive me for being away for so long. I have no real excuses, except that last year was a bad one for me and I wasn't blogging much, but we are halfway into this year, and well, all I can say is, I must be a horrible friend! I have become a very amateur birder and have started posting pictures of birds every week, but they are not great shots. LOVE this post. So tongue-in-cheek! :-) Hope you are doing well.