Friday, March 15, 2013

on guard

Hidden in the branches, deep in the viburnum, the Northern mockingbird guards its larder. Its ticket to spring. Even at this time of the year, late winter, there are still a few withered blue berries hanging on the shrub, and I'll be darn if this mocker is going to share. 

The best place to find a mockingbird in March is to search for the viburnums, hollies, privets still bearing their precious little fruits. Mockers are berry eaters, and once they find a loaded bush, it's theirs! They will guard it for days, weeks, months, as long as its bounty endures.

A mocker will let a photographer approach, but NOT another berry-eating bird. No sir!

Ergo: If you have berries to guard, hire a mockingbird. 

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