Thursday, March 28, 2013

I think? Therefore I am?

Are you fulfilling your destiny, or are you somehow off track? 

Sitting here typing these words, is that part of my destiny? Or should I be hiking up the side of Mt. LeConte despite the 18 inches of snow reported on Top of Old Smoky?

Is this the only me, or is there a parallel me pondering his own existence somewhere else in the universe, or in a parallel universe? Or is pondering one's own existence alone, proof that we obviously exist? I think, therefore I am. But if I spend the day not thinking, do I cease to exist?

You do exist don't you? Or did I only imagine you?

Do you also think, therefore you also are? Or am I here only because you imagined me? But if that is true, why didn't you imagine me better looking? Say, something more George Clooneyish.

Or am I but an ant crawling across the patio of life? I seem to do a lot of scampering.

When I get caught up with such questions, I usually consult someone with a younger, more pliable brain than my own.

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