Saturday, June 4, 2011


I've seen some little frogs in my life, but this one is petite, almost microscopic. Can you imagine the size of its itsy-bitsy beating heart inside its Lilliputian chest? But don't imagine a tiny ribcage, or for that matter a savory rack of barbecue frog-riblets because they do not have those protective bones. They're like SpongeBob...squishy.

Jonathan Davis found the weeny frog on our recent WalkAbout at Seven Islands and let me take its photo before he let it go. By the looks of the face marking, I think it's a green treefrog (Hyla cinerea). But a frog this teensy, it's a little hard to tell what it might become when it grows up. You know, the sky's the limit little frog. Go for it.  The 2012 election is around the corner, and you're an Anura with that whole Kermit "it's not easy being green" thing going for you. 

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Aby said...

That's a real small one :) cutie pie :)