Thursday, December 4, 2008

creepers return

Somehow you know winter is here when you see your first brown creeper creeping along the trunk of a tree. Creep. Creep. Creep. The only North American member of the treecreeper family "Certhiidae," the smallish brown birds hop along, looking for things like spider eggs to eat that are wedged down in the bark. (So much for the mother spider that went to the trouble of hiding them there.)

I spotted my first treecreeper of the season working its way up the side of an oak near my mailbox. Spider eggs beware!

Curious little birds. (Also see my February 26 posting.)


Vickie said...

Me too. I saw my first one on Thanksgiving day. Funny characters.

Stephen Lyn Bales said...


Funny characters. Yep. That is why I enjoy they so. I always pause long enough to watch them move up the tree.

I hope all is well with you in your part of the world.

Beverly said...

Awwwwwwwww...that's such a lovely photo!

Unfortunately, I've never seen a creeper; thanks for sharing yours!