Monday, June 18, 2018

great snakes!

Growing up in Gatlinburg with a national park at my backdoor, I learned at an early age the wonder of nature and the importance of protecting it. Today, sharing that sensation with essentially urban kids is a huge part of my life. 

And yesterday, it was "For Goodness Snakes!" At yesterday's Family Adventure Sunday at Ijams we learned the truth about some of the snakes that live in East Tennessee, had some garter snake ice cream, met three snakes eye-to-eye and then went on a snake-quest.

Snakes are beautifully simple creatures that never have to go to a podiatrist. They are not here to hurt us but to control the mouse population. Nature has a lovely balance. Well, some snakes actually eat other snakes, so we guess there is a trade off there.

On our quest, one of the fathers found something under a bridge. Was it a troll? Or maybe three Billie Goats Gruff? Nope. It was a Northern water snake.

Thank you, volunteer Janet for helping.

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