Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

If you stop by Ijams Nature Center today, you'll discover that the normal Saturday staff has been ousted by an even odder group. 

All in good fun, there's Rex the pirate; the one, the only, Dr. Peg Quackenbush; Louise the hairy-footed Hobbit; a very sleepy Bruce Wayne (he was out fighting crime all night); while not to be outdone by DC, there's Marvel's Captain Lauren America and finally tattooed-knuckle biker chick Sharon. The part of the large purple spider is being played by a large purple spider, while out working the leaves on the plaza is Overly Cautious Man: Luke.

All Points Bulletin: the Gotham police department is offering a reward for any information about that odd guy impersonating Bruce Wayne. 

Trick or treat?

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