Saturday, April 25, 2015

hidden white-eyes

"A small and secretive bird of shrubby areas of the eastern and southern United States, the white-eyed Vireo is more noticeable for its explosive song than its looks," writes Cornell. 

They got that right.

This bird's white eyes and song mnemonic that describes its explosive song—"Quick with the beer check!"—are its most memorable features.

Take the time to learn it if you do not already know the song, it will serve you well anytime your near appropriate habitat.  

These sprites stay so sequestered in the shadowy shrubbery they do not even venture forth to bathe in open puddles and pools, instead preferring to rub themselves against damp foliage after a rain.

I heard the song this afternoon in dense shrubs near the river at the nature center's lower overlook. But actually seeing its white eyes? 

I didn't get close.

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